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TNVR Clinics

About our TNVR Clinics

SCC sets itself aside from most TNVR programs because of our on-site surgery suite and SPA WEEK.  This is a huge benefit for the animals we treat as they are able to stay in a stable environment without the risks of transport from one facility to another.  Additionally, animals are provided pre and post-surgery care on-site.  


Surgical services for our trapped cats includes a head-to-tail exam, spay and neutering, rabies and distemper vaccines, ear tipping and treatment of any other immediate health concerns. These services are provided by The Vetting Zoo Animal Hospital who donates their time and medical services for SCC at each clinic.


All cats are monitored by a dedicated care team during post-surgery recovery. No cat is returned to its natural environment without a clean bill of health. 

Summary of TNVR Clinic and Spa Week 

Sunday - Wednesday, trapping days 

Thursday - Friday, surgery days

Most cats are returned to their colonies by the following Wednesday.  Exceptions to this are any cats who have extenuating health concerns that need addressed. 

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