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About our Vaccine Clinics

SCC provides full-service vaccinations for home pets at a nominal cost to residents of Central Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. These clinics are held once a month.  All proceeds outside of costs SCC incurs for the vaccines and necessary equipment are funneled back to our facility and our TNVR operations.  

This is a WIN-WIN for both pet owners and SCC!

The following list is a breakdown of what pet owners would pay depending on what service they receive.  Please note, that costs fluctuate occasionally and we let anyone who shows up for our vaccine knows about any price changes. 


Rabies and Distemper - $10 each

Bordetella, $15

Lepto, $15

Lyme, $30

Canine Influenza, $30

Feline Leukemia, $25

Nail Clipping, $12

Microchip, $30

Dewormer, $10

Flea/Tick Preventative, $15/$20


  • Cats MUST be in carriers.

  • Dogs MUST be on leashes.

  • Dogs are placed on loop leashes upon entering our facility. 

  • All services are provided at our facility through the Vetting Zoo Animal Hospital and their certified, trained team. 

  • For the continued health and safety of our team of volunteers, we ask you wear a mask while inside our facility & practice social distancing when applicable. Other COVID-19 guidelines are in place and patrons will be directed and provided further instruction at registration. 

  • Please Note: SCC and the Vetting Zoo Animal Hospital reserves the right to refuse services to uncontrollable and aggressive animals. 


For updates on inclement weather or scheduled changes due to COVID 19 Pandemic, please check our Facebook Page. ​


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