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Need Traps?

SCC has more than 100 traps available for community/public use. There is no charge or fees for residents of our participating communities - we only ask that you return the traps as soon as you can. Traps are signed out prior to TNVR surgery clinics.  Please email or call for more information! 

If you are looking to purchase your own trap, SCC recommends this trap which you can find on Amazon.  

The two most common brands of traps used are the Safeguard and the Tomahawk traps.  Check out the videos for tutorials on how to both BAIT and SET each trap. 

Bait and Set the Safeguard Trap 

  • Trapped cats will be scared.  Cover the trap with a sheet or a blanket to reduce the cats stress. 

  • After trapping, your trap will become a cage.  Don't assume the cat will not like the trap.  Often times, a cat won't mind the safety and security of a covered cage. 

  • Have a plan to reduce the time you will have the cat inside the trap.  Find out what your options are with local TNVR organizations or rescue groups. 

  • A trapped cat is your temporary responsibility.  Make arrangements to feed the cat(s) and clean the cages twice a day. 

Bait and Set the Tomahawk Trap 

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