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Welcome to SCC's New Website!

A new site to keep our community and supporters more informed

Steelton Community Cats would like to welcome you to our new website! We hope you will find the new site informative and more user friendly. Please be patient with us while we still add more features and make a few updates.

Some of our new features include:

  • A blog to keep you informed on what's happening at SCC as well as give our community valuable tips and information about caring for their feline friends and cat colonies.

  • An easier way to find out about upcoming TNVR and Vaccine Clinics.

  • Updated information on how your can help SCC either through donations or volunteering.

  • Click payment options to make donations.

It's Been a Long Time In the Making

When we think about the early days of SCC we are so proud of where we are at now. We have made important alliances with important and influential organizations that have supported us with grants and provided us additional ways to help our local communities with their own free-roaming cat colonies. We have forged a path through our "Stopping the Cycle" campaign to show our community members and followers the importance of TNVR - Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate and Return. We have taken a once empty and abandoned space and have turned it into a state of the art facility including on-site surgery suite and have partnered with the amazing veterinary team at The Vetting Zoo to provide our animals with top notch care. We are forever grateful for the dedicated time they have provided to SCC and our endeavors.

In Closing....

SCC is on the move! We are gaining community awareness and support and are moving forward towards growing even bigger. We can't thank our followers enough for their support!

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