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"Stopping the Cycle" Starts With TNVR

TNVR reduces community cats entering shelters and reduces reproduction of free roaming cats. 

  • No heat cycles

  • Less howling and fighting

  • Less desire to roam

  • Only Proven Humane Solution

TNVR reduces the risk of spreading reproductive cancers to both community and home pets. 

Returned cats prevent the "vacuum effect" - Colonies stay in tact and new cats can't move in. 

SCC's TNVR services are free for residents of steelton, swatara township, susquehanna township and lower swatara township. 

Residents from non=participating municipalities can take advantage of our services for a nominal fee.  Please email or call for more info. 

We are an ALL volunteer organization & are always looking for help!

Please see our "get involved" page to find out how you can help or make a donation.


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